Three Rules of Club Etiquette

From clubs to festivals, the dance floor is a sacred place that all too often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. 

Image Courtesy of Guillaume Cattiaux 

1. How to politely move through the crowd

So many people are unnecessarily rude. Somewhere in the darkness of the dance floor simple courtesy was lost in the frenzy of finding the perfect spot. Basic politeness should always apply.

When someone tries to push past me in crowd I hold my ground. But if someone attempts to pass by in a polite manner, I’ll gladly move to the side. Pushing is never necessary and if you do it accidentally or feel like you absolutely must, apologize so they don’t think you’re an asshole. There is a simple method to avoiding this brass behavior. Graciously smiling apologetically, a courteous touch of the shoulder, or an “excuse me” all go a long way. Another way to move up is when you spot other people moving in, move with them. If you see a line of people moving out, squeeze into the path they’ve just created. Another issue is if you roll up with a larger crew and there isn’t enough space, don’t huddle together. It creates a cramped space for everyone, just disperse a little bit. No one wants their experience hindered by ignorance or just plain inconsideration. 

2. Party responsibly for a good time all night

I can’t emphasis this point enough. Party responsibly not only for your own safety but also to ensure a good time for you, your friends, those around you. Whether it be substances or alcohol, don’t over do it. No one wants to have to take care of a fucked up friend. No one  even really wants to be near someone overly intoxicated, that is unless they are a predator of course. And finally I promise you don’t want to end up on the ground or worse, in a hospital. Another aspect of partying responsibly is taking care and listening to your body. Stay hydrated and be sure to eat before attempting to dance for multiple consecutive hours in a steamy environment. Safely partying is truthfully much more fun then being uncomfortably intoxicated, dehydrated, or drained of energy.

3. Don’t get R-rated

One of the beauties of going out is the potential chance of meeting someone. When eyes meet and you share that lusty knowing glance just keep in mind while moves are being made what is appropriate. Kissing and of course dancing with that new potential lover is perfect. But just know when take things off the dance floor. Getting R-rated is not classy and really pretty weird for other dancers to be around. Proper club etiquette is knowing when to “get a room” when things get hot and heavy.



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