Working towards a future of writing in the music and art world.

Writing Across the Media with Professor Antonio Lopez was my most important class during my first semester at John Cabot University. It was the class that directly connected me to my aspirations. We learned by doing. From learning how to write pitch letters, the world of blogging, writing PSA scripts, creating Podcasts scripts, and to writing press releases. With our individual blogs that we kept, I was able to explore my passion for music journalism while learning to communicate through different forms of media.

Podcast Script

My favorite assignment of the semester was the Podcast. We had to write a logline, treatment and script for a podcast connected to our blog. I created Sound of Rome Radio and wrote about the gender gap in the music industry through an editorial, an interview and a review section. I am pretty proud of the final product.

Check it out here: podcast treatment and script

Press Kit

This assignment was interesting as it is an important skill yet off the radar skill to learn. We had to put together an event promoting our blog and write a press kit to “submit” to a local publication. I created an event called Sound of Rome with Lory D and pitched the event to Romeing.it. This assignment was so helpful for learning the realistic skills of writing a press kit like creating a cover letter and press release.

Take a look here: press kit

PSA Script

My first assignment for Writing Across the Media was to write and design a PSA. My PSA is unrelated to Sound of Rome but still highlights the first type of media we learned to write for. The PSA was advocating for the use of reusable water bottles.

Featured here: PSA treatment and script