To the Future of The Beat

I think a lot about the future. Maybe that intrigue with the future leaks into all corners of my life, including music.

Electronic music has peaked in popularity recently and it’s not falling down anytime soon. As time ticks and the clock twirls, this connection with the future and the electronic music becomes more evident than ever. From production to consumption, electronic music is influenced by this connection.

Jeff Mills: Courtesy of

This idea of Futurism is something often subconsciously ingrained in electronically produced music but for many producers, it is an important aspect for their creative process. “Techno isn’t about dancing, it’s about the future,” Jeff Mills, Detroit Techno legend, comments to The Skinny. Mills often discusses how space, time and the future influence his music. While not all artists are so defined by this inspiration, I think it is deeply-rooted in every creative artist. 

 Technology connects a producer to their bank of sounds, the listeners ears to the mp3 on their computer, the sound waves from a speaker, and the way music is distributed. Technology is changing the music industry and the way music is made. But for electronic music, technology was the foundation for a whole new world of sounds. The new advances in music technology created electronic music. Technology is the vital bridge to electronic music. The two have a symbiotic relationship. As artists progress, new music technology is developed and as this new tech is utilized, new variations of electronic music are produced.

This reliance to technology for music production is an ode the changing of times. When producing digitally, the only limits an artist has are the limits of their own skill and creativity. After the exciting generation who was raised exploring the fairly new digital musical realm, there are high hopes for those to come. The newest generation of producers, with so many genre already explored, are more aware of the unlimited nature of their musical expression. 

Festivals around the world are beginning to commit to these sounds of the future and change is near.